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 Posted: Tue Oct 13th, 2020 04:44 pm
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Hi all fishing fanatics.

Hopefully the weather settles down soon and the big flat fish pay us a visit.

With that in mind I have a Makaira 15' 7-9 ounce paired with a BG 8000. Haven't had any issues and landed several fish over 60kg. I would feel a lot more comfortable with a bigger and more robust reel.

Narrowed it down to a Saragosa and Slammer 3. The Saragosa is, well a Saragosa. What more can I say. With a new model on the way there might even be a deal or two around soon. I have been told that the Slammer is a tank. Had one in the hand and it weighs as much as one. I can live with that if it is a better buy.

My priorities are reliability, longevity and dependability. As I will be doing my own maintenance simplicity and availability of parts is also important. That will rule out any "mag sealed" Daiwa.

I have been told that the Spheros is a "ugly" Saragosa. Internals the same, just a few bearings less. So maybe a consideration? It is almost R2000 cheaper. But bushes...?

Any other reel in the same price range?

Thanks in advance