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 Posted: Wed Sep 30th, 2020 09:41 am
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Good Morning Everyone, read through the thread and there are some excellent suggestions. A lot of time and effort has been put into this site from a lot of people and i think its only fair that nothing gets deleted besides the old stickies.

Great to see Doc HH still in the mix! Can i call you ballie now? haha

Couple of us that started on here are still in contact and it would be great to get things revived.

The reality is, as mentioned that social media took over however there is no ways that social media and all its pages put together has the wealth of info that this site has.

I can suggest a few "updated" posts to be added and marketed through various channels to increase traffic on the site again as there are considerably more anglers now than a few years ago and many at that that are mis informed or simply lack some guidance to have a successful trip or to target a specific specie and actually tick it off the bucket list.

Im committed to help so let me know where i can add or contribute.