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 Posted: Sat Aug 1st, 2020 04:41 pm
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Hi there,

Big baits don't necessarily catch bigger fish, my baits are hardly bigger than a fist size.

It's more about line capacity and stopping or drag power. I fish Talica 50's with 1000m of 100lbs, topped with 100m of 0.8 and 2mm leader and a preset strike setting of 12kg. Anything less than this tackle I would deem as light tackle.

Leave your gosa 20000 in your bag, it's not suitable to drone with. I've seen many of the grinder guys getting their butt kicked - it's not fair on the fish, and frustrating to the angler to lose a fish due to not using the appropriate tackle class for the targeted species.

The objective should be to get the fish landed and back to the water as quick as possible to avoid unnecessary stress on the fish and not fart around with a grinder and i.e 50lbs braid battling for hours and thinking what a great and long fight that was......

Line capacity is also very important, sometimes the fish pick up close, let's say 300m and sometimes you need the far drop 500 to 600m, often the far drop produces the quicker pull but it can vary from day to day an depends on the spot and conditions.

Cheers and tight lines.