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 Posted: Fri Jul 31st, 2020 05:43 am
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Hello Tristan.

Mazeppa is home to many giants. Here are many anglers that have fished there and they will tell you the same thing.

Do yourself a favor and more importantly the fish by getting the correct tackle for this style of fishing. ( Droning baits for big fish)

The 30 Tyrnos will catch you fish but in my opinion lacks capacity.

Minimum 50 Size reel.

The saragosa is taking a knife to a gunfight. You will receive hidings the majority of the time. It is not meant for droning big baits for big fish.

Remember, drag stops big fish. You still need capacity since you drone baits out and those big fish take strong runs.

Some guys like Craig Neil will tell you how they even get stripped on the 50 size reels because there are some Monsters in those waters.

If you want to have correct gear I say 50 size reel with:

1000m of 100 lb backing.
.80 topshot and a long windon to act as a gaff.

Again this is my opinion but I am sure this is the way to go.

In summary : use the Tyrnos 30 and Saragosa to catch smaller fish which could be used as bait ( I prefer catch and release).

Then for the big boys use a 50 Size reel with 1000 m of backing and fill the rest with .80/.85/.90 topshot.

I hope some of the seasoned big shark anglers comment on your post too.

Oh and even if you have the heaviest of tackle ( 80 w /130w) you will still receive a proper hiding from a monster that is simply too big and strong for even that class of tackle.

Craig once told me : Hoe groter die tackle hoe groter die pak slae. ( Bigger the tackle the bigger the hidings)

Tight lines brother.
- Ruan((goodp_::tight::?;):shark:ssswim:((r(e(ling

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