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 Posted: Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 01:49 pm
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I think the majority of anglers & especially the die-hard environmental conscience anglers will agree that any form of an attempt to curb this slaughtering will be gladly appreciated.

To answer a few of WWS (Pottie's) questions & in no spesific order....

Yes the pics were taken this year at PSJ during the garrick/kob run they experienced recently. Been confirmed by many.

Will something come of it as you asked ? Well, that depends hugely on the public (anglers, general public, our children, owners of beach guesthouses & rental properties, marine biologists & many more ) outcry & a request for stringent legislation wrt the open slaughtering of fish stocks & perps, knowingly the stocks are on the serious decline.
Let this slaughtering be a step in the right direction for other species.

What purpose does it serve the authorities to catch & fine an angler for being over his bag limit for ie. Shad at a certain beach or spot like Blue Lagoon or Tugela mouth but nothing is done at PSJ ?

We as an Angling community cannot ignore such incidents. Yes it makes us part & parcel for looking the other way.
My reasoning is gives us all as anglers a very bad name.
More strict legislation might be implented without our participation which could lead to an angling industry loosing billions in income & revenue for the country.
So, do we say something or keep quiet ?
We must be seen & heard & protect what we enjoy not for tommorrow but years to come & make it clear to those individuals who give us a bad name.

Without revealing to much, Yes there are very good, kind hearted people out there at this very minute trying their level best to convince authorities to open their eyes & start acting. Not only PSJ & not only garrick & kob, but at least its 1 of the many issues.
Unfortunately one cannot expose the who & what (Those helping) in order to try & be successful in the attempt.

Yes, we are achieving something with these posts. We are creating awareness amongst our children, new anglers, uniformed anglers & hopefully sending a clear message to the culprits, be it that they are being watched, pics taken, or messages passed on to them or that their days are numbered, but they will get the message.

Litteraly numbers of social media platforms are talking about this very event at PSJ & out of all the participants commenting, 99% of them are crying out for help to preserve our environment,but seemingly none or a few have a solution.

So Pottie, I sincerely hope SL as an angling community & pro-environmental conservation group can make a positive contribution without resistance.