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 Posted: Mon Jul 20th, 2020 07:34 pm
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willem wikkel spies

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This does not seem to be good.
Ok, do we have proof that the pictures posted is of this years catches?

So if it is, going to the authorities is one thing.
will something come of it?
Unless we make it happen and we baby sit the matter through court, then yes, y not.

I am not one for slandering people on a open forum.
but if we as a community, just leave it, then it will obviously continue :(

I am one, for exposing of people who are breaking the law.
If we do it through the forum, then we just need to do it in a orderly manner.

I cannot see it go much further.... if we decided to expose a person/s for breaking the law.

The only thing is, that the mods, needs to delete comment which is of bad taste/ slander.
So please do take note of your posts.

Even just a "discus ting " statement should be deleted by the mods,

We need to keep it clean and if needed, we can show, that the tread was about identifying the person/s and to obtain all the information in order to report it to the authorities.

so, lets rather get the facts and post it here.
when was the fish caught.
by whom and where.
how many anglers involved?
was the law broken and what actions was taken by us to see if we can get the authorities involved?

Lets identify the culprit/s and expose him/ them to the media in order to get action from the authorities if needed.

If we do nothing, then our moaning and bitching will not get us any where?

So it will be.....up to us, to make things happen.

I have even thought about the bag limit of 10 fish pppd.

for what is it still in place?
if Garrick is under such huge pressure, why is it left at 2x pppd?

why can we keep 10 cudas?
for what?
and 10 snoek? so 4x anglers on a boat can take 40 snoek a day?
Even if it is pelagic, it does not matter!!!!


It is also time, that Dr. Bruce Mann, see if they can get it changed for future purposes for the safety of our fish stocks and our hobby.
Asb Dr. Bruce.