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 Posted: Thu Jul 16th, 2020 06:28 am
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Dr halibut hoffman wrote:
Only way you could get guys up there to put back breeding fish is by making it unlawful to keep them, ie. slot limits..Yup it is the normal state of affairs there, ous will come from way down south and way up north to go slag them there..And that cob and garrick stocks have collapsed means nothing to the ignorant, it doesn't seem like that when the spawning shoals are coming past..

It was/is one of my favorite spots to fish. This is a yearly phenomena and not sure how long the stock will last! It seems that as soon as the shoals starts moving in the locals starts phoning "friends" from all over SA to come and "feast" (in doing so collecting money from the "friends"). I have been there when this happens and is not a very good thing to witness.
DR...even making it unlawful won`t change anything, because there is nobody to "police" it. I was there the one year and the cob was biting, the locals were smashing them catching and keeping more that there allowed quota. At that stage there was one MCM (hope that is what they are called) officer measuring the catches. The moment he left they "collected" their other catches that they were hiding in the bushes and took off!
To sum it up: It won`t stop until the stocks are depleted.

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