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 Posted: Thu Jul 2nd, 2020 09:44 am
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Dr halibut hoffman

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Modern multipliers are such a pleasure, I'd just get a newer one. Also the grinder revolution has made good second hand ones very cheap these days.
For a tight budget the adrenalin xmaster pro is a GREAT little, or depending on size large, reel..Can't beat it.Just grease the insides up properly where it needs to be before use as cheaper chinese stainless can rust if exposed and grease the carbon drag as can be sticky out the box..Otherwise for the price nothing can really compare, except secondhand grandwaves, SL's, saltists and BG's that come on the market from time to time..
Wierd for grinders I'd say look at shimano and no further, but their multis seem to have corrosion issues I dont get on my reels..reel seat galvanic corrosion and frame corrosion etc..but they are a pleasure to fish with no doubt and the best gears in the business.
You might find that penn is valuable to a collector for display?