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 Posted: Wed Jul 1st, 2020 02:41 pm
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Right! So, I decided to get back into fishing again after many-many years (we used to fish mainly in St Lucia, Natal and Namibia) and was lucky enough to get my grubby paws on this beauty.
A few questions for all the PENN 500 users out there:
  1. What year is this PENN? It looks like a 1980's model Jigmaster (Note the thumbscrew on the left hand side). Apparently not many of them came out with this specific setup. Can anyone with more knowledge give me more info?

  1. Where can I buy service parts? Last time I used a PENN reel, parts were still freely available, but im not sure where to get service parts anymore.
  2. Can anyone recommend any modifications? Can I do anything to increase the crank speed? Can I perhaps fit a stainless gear sleeve (the part where the handle attaches to)?
  3. Compatibility with newer models? Is the Jigmaster compatible with newer model parts (in case no2 is a dead-end)?
  4. Recommended line (how many Kg)? We always fitted 11kg. Suggestions? Also, what about braid? - I am not familiar with it at all.
Looking forward to hear from ya'll!

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