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 Posted: Fri Mar 20th, 2020 11:38 am
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Just plak a soft piece of thin suede over the hole with contact glue, just make it as big as the original lappie on the finger. You can also use a uni knot to tie thicker braid to your line, just make lots of loops and if your main line is very thin, double it. Seen a youtube video of late on a line tester where that simple old knot is stronger than the FG. I am going to sell my multiplier I use for spinning and get my 110 converted to a spinning rod, have had enough throwing lures with a multiplier, it looks all kif and everything, but with the right spinning setup I have just seen casting distance is so much better. A friend of mine has pulled out some monster kingfish from the zululand reefs with fairly light braid spinning setups, definitely no 80lb line and 150lb leaders.