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 Posted: Fri Feb 7th, 2020 01:20 pm
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Pylstert wrote:
Ben REINERS wrote: Poenskop26 wrote:
I joined this forum a few months ago. The main reason why I joined the forum was to gain insight and knowledge on the art of angling. I want to learn everything I can from the old SALTERS, even at my age of 53. Sofar things for me are going well, as I am on the site every day since I joined. I research old posts absorbing the info and learning from it.

It is just painful when you post and you get 2 responses or even ziltch on your post and the forum has a membership of > 43000 members. Crazy.

I believe there are no stupid questions, there are only stupid answers.

Sealine for me ROCK's.

I can't agree more on yr comment.
When I joined SL, it was a "hot forum" where it was literally boiling with various discussion topics every day.
Many & most of the older members, including some Admin/Mods left, & or are just not active anymore.

As Pottie (Willem Wikkel Spies) & myself discussed the other day, as an example, many topics has been discussed over the years to the point that if you dont know how to make up a shad trace & catch a shad then you will never know.
Yes, there are million other new, updated topics, tricks, new gadgets, lures, experiences, tackle, catches to be discussed & shared with other members, & where even the most experienced angler learns new tricks or pick up a few pointers.

As you have said, there is nothing more frustrating posting a post & you receive 1 or 2 responses while there is a Bucket full of knowledgeable, experienced members with loads of info & the member is left literally in the dark.

Lets continue to be positive about SL & its future, continue to do what we love best & support SL at al levels.
Thats why the forum needs a cleanup, there are so many old topics as stickies, old categories that can be removed etc. We have made these suggestions before, but apparently they can't happen because the super admin is too busy????

I hear you....As you stated Super Admin is really tied up I believe, & I will discuss it with Pottie to see what could be done from the Super Admin's side.

Lets not loose hope.