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 Posted: Fri Jan 24th, 2020 11:57 am
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It's difficult to say... Because you are covering so much ground at Premeiras, there's possibly a lot more options than Laz. But then again, Laz being an isolated sea mount has it's resident Geets, but the pelagics come and go. It's like all things fishy... Some trips will be better than others. We didn't encounter any Dogs on our Premeiras trip, but I'm quite sure they are in the area.

Premerias also has a bit of a caveat... We very nearly didn't make it out the mouth of the river. There were a huge number of sand banks quite far out which made for some interesting breakers. One of them claimed my camera. Whereas Laz is a very easy departure and return.

Actually heading back to Laz in Oct _seal1_

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