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 Posted: Thu Dec 5th, 2019 07:55 pm
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Hi guys,

Haven't been around for a while. Anyway I bought the VX110 fully kitted and enjoyed it thoroughly. Got it for a good price and sold it for a much better price 18 months later.

As per previous posts, I have been a Seadoo fan having owned one before. But what can I say. I will always buy Yamaha from now on. That teflon wear ring on the Seadoo is really for them to make money. O and you can get a Yammie started if you lost you kill switch cable, unlike the Seadoo. The Yamaha to rebuild the impellor is cheaper than replacing a wear ring and it lasts about three time longer in my experience.

What I can say, is what Codfather told me 2 years ago. Two up especially with two Boeps, is a struggle and the 110 just did not do it for me from where we launch straight into the surf. Going out of a harbour it is perfect because the power is ok. It is just the out of the hole performance that lacks with two up.

Anyway I enjoyed the ski so much & cannot wait for my next buy.