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 Posted: Sun Nov 3rd, 2019 08:23 am
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Dr halibut hoffman

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For bek etc..I'd almost go with the same as above, rather a 5'6" MH jigging rod customised to fish low reel position and a medium to narrow can go cheap, also made in china, well recommended.. Adrenalin x-masterPRO in 30 size, you can get a level wind too if not going to be used for shore-fishing or casting. 0.55 mono in case something bigger picks you up. HMP 50-65lb braid otherwise if braid route. No complaints, only compliments after using HMP for 5 or 6 years. Really good quality line and dependable and locally made and less middlemen so cheaper than it should be. But I use mono as even cheap braid is bloody expensive these days!

I use an xmaster pro or old saltist40 and 0.55 to 0.50 but I have been outclassed on the 0.50 when picking up big gamefish bottom fishing over shallow reefs.