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 Posted: Sat Oct 5th, 2019 06:44 am
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Sean_1983 wrote:
Thanks guys I ended up getting a BG 4000 spooled with 20lb JDB 8x casting braid. I am looking at the Assassin Amia zero 11 foot xh. I want an 11 foot that will cast 1-3 oz lures. The Amia zero comes in a 2 piece and 4 piece, obviously the 4 piece will be more practical as far as transporting it and it comes with a tube but I worry about having 3 joints. I also had a look at the assassin spin zero 11 foot xh which comes in a 3 piece but it only has the O series Fuji guides so I am not sure how well they handle braid. I am also considering the Daiwa Saltist 11 foot 6 that is a 3 piece. The ultra light model that is also rated at 1-3 oz. The rod will be used only for spinning. Paired with my BG 4000. Out of these rods what would you suggest? Or reccomend what other rods I should consider. Thanks

i have just snapped my Blue Marlin 330 2-4oz rod. Totally my own fault.. So I am also in the market for a similar setup. But I want something with a very strong backbone that is light to flick around 2-4oz lures all day. The Assassin Sierra has my attention but is quite a premium price. Seems like a great rod though.