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 Posted: Tue Sep 24th, 2019 09:12 am
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Thing with braid, most companies BS the breaking strain. HMP 30lb is equiv. to an average (sufix or powerpro) "20LB braid", 25lb is close to a 15lb braid and 20lb hmp is close to 10lb of BS (bulls#it) rating braid..The diameter is more important to go on, in the shop you can compare diameters of different brands to get an idea of what actually compared to what. The japs PE system is far more useful.

25lb HMP I use as well as the 20lb on different rigs, and used 30Lb on same rigs..There is quite a bit of casting distance lost as you go thicker in line, I think due to friction off the lip of the grinders spool. So balance what you need it for, if distance go lighter line, if abrasion resistance around reefs and distance less of a concern go thicker.

Winches don't suffer from that problem of spool lip friction but that another topic. I am glad I have seen the light! hahaha