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 Posted: Fri Sep 6th, 2019 04:55 pm
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My suggestion :
Buy ordinary charger from Current Automation in Kya sand - order pay for charger and courier . it’s made for lead acid batteries .its on R 480 or around .
Its charger for smaller batteries . Constant current constant voltage with led indication ( red charging , green fully charged )
Then just buy sealed lead acid battery 12v18-20Ah .
And you will be on a R 1000 - 1100 budget .
Forbatt , Cs3 etc
If you want good battery - it’s Panasonic 12V 20 Ah but hard to get in SA . Second best is Sonnenschein / Dryfit then comes Yuasa .
Fish finders works usually on 3% pulse width duty . So 500W will be a 15W consumption .