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 Posted: Thu Sep 5th, 2019 07:31 am
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Hi TKbaby

Most common size on the batteries are 100ah and 105ah.

Here you have a choice on going exide or Gel, but it will all depend on your budget. To keep things simple, the exide is "semi-deep cycle" and the Gel is "deep cycle". The "Semi deep" you will be able to discharge at 50% of the total ah rating and the Gel at 70-80%.

Summing this up in a nutshell
100ah on the "semi-deep" you will have 50ah of use.
100ah on the Gel you will have 70-80ah of use.

You also get the hybrid Gel which is a chameleon among these which are a mix between the exide and gel. You get them cheaper than true Gel batteries.

Batteries recommended are First national battery, Dixon and even Delco. With the AGM I will suggest the Omnipower.

With these batteries I would suggest getting a decent smart charger in the likes of Victron, C-tek or National luna. The great thing about these chargers are you can leave it on the battery when not in use as it will maintain the battery without overcharging it causing damage to the battery.

I hope this helps. This is just my simple opinion.