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 Posted: Tue Aug 13th, 2019 08:07 am
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willem wikkel spies

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Big Mic wrote:
Hi Gents

I've recently taken on a new project - that being an old butt cat 18ft6 that I would like to rebuild. This would be the first time doing a boat refurb so any advice especially from guys that have done similar builds would be great..

First things I need to attend and have questions about are :

1. New deck - should I use marine ply with glass or nidacore? Any tips especially for working with nidacore would be much appreciated..

2. I suspect the original foam is waterlogged and I would obviously want to redo this - should I replace it with PU foam or go with sondor foam? I'm leaning towards the latter as I like the idea that the sondor does not take on any water or get saturated should any water find itself inside the hull.

Question - Does the PU foam offer structural support hence the reason it is used by the manufacturer AND if so and I use sondor instead would I need to add additional transverse and longitudinal framework/bulkheads under deck to increase structural support with absence of the PU foam.

3. Would it be advisable to reinforce the inside of the hull with a layer of fiberglass or maybe a coating of pool coat? Maybe both?

Any advice or ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


MY 2cents!!!

1. nicadore seems to be the in thing as it cannot rot.
but a properly treated marine ply which was sealed with resin should outlast most things.

2. pu foam is good, but sealing the hull is where most f ups come in.
pu foam does add strength and stiffness to the hull.
sondor is loose sections so no adding of strength to the hull.
so adding cross bars etc will be a benefit.

3. I would even go to 2x layers even 3x, you are not adding so much weight so the added extra layers will add strength to the hull.
pool coat is similar to gel coat.
it is very hard and it does crack easily if not supported.
so just normal 2x layers of fabric would be good.

adding 50 kg or even 80kg to the existing hull on improvements will not make a huge difference.
adding such weight on a small 12ft vessel is a big problem.

also do take a look on

builds have been done there and also lots of knowledge there

but do keep the updates going here, we all can learn from it