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 Posted: Mon Apr 29th, 2019 05:46 am
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willem wikkel spies wrote:
Psy wrote:
willem wikkel spies wrote:
the judgement is for personal use in the privacy of your own home, if im not mistaken.

go smoke the aaptwak at home and stay there and off the roads.
as easy as that.
oh ja, and do it away from your children!!!

the sad thing is, is that cannabis normally leads to other things stronger things!!!!

that is why it was always against the law to have it.

why everyone is raving about it is unknown.

luckily I do not smoke it or use it. so I cannot understand the hype about it.

so enjoy it while it lasts, maybe forever.

and, do not try and convince me otherwise, lol


The Medicinal properties of dagga alone should wake you up to its beneficial use.
I have personally seen friends of mine healed of cancer by the dagga oil.
Medically it cures Parkinson’s disease in adults, epilepsy in children, cancer in all forms.
The Medical teams in Canada are already marketing the use of dagga oil worldwide and South Africa and Lesotho are on their list of potential growers and investors.
The New York Stock exchange has acknowledged the potential of medicinal dagga oil as a potential source of wealth. It will soon become a common stock making probably more money than Oil.
Hemp clothing is already marketed on the streets as well as many beneficial uses to hemp seeds for your everyday vitality and health.

Instead of your one-sided blinkered small town approach that possibly your dominee taught you, suggest you study some... maybe take a puff or two....and pass it on?

Yes it will last forever .... that you can be sure of that.


i do know the medicinal values of teh oil, tea etc.
yes it has proven to be w orth while drug in society.

but smoking weed puts you on a plak!!!!
so if you are a lorrie driver, driving 40 tons at top speeds, you not going to stop in time at teh traffic light!!!

then teh sh!t will hit the fan!!!

Total BS.... WWS....