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 Posted: Wed Apr 10th, 2019 07:33 am
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Good Morning Gents,

The clutch on my reel is sticking on the "ON" function.

I have read the tutorial on the SL30SH and it looks like the problem is the little 'knob' on the clutch cam not locating properly into the designated area in the yoke plate.

It is either that or the yoke plate is sticking and not releasing the spool into freespool.

I have opened the reel and everything seems to be in order. The cam rotates properly when the reel is open and the yoke plate moves up and down.

The problem comes when I re-assemble the reel - then it sticks again.

I notice that there is some side-to-side movement on the spool when I try to disengage the clutch - dont know if that is of any relevance or an indication of what could be wrong.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.