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 Posted: Fri Mar 1st, 2019 09:35 am
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TimJan wrote:
I do know that admins and mods cant do anything on the site anymore.I also know that its because that time reefman left and deleted all his posts to start his own website that all the access/rights was removed.
But I also do know that one one or 2 idiots need to click on those links or for someone else to pick up that spam can be posted for free on the site and you will have porn sites being posted what then will it also be here weeks after it was posted.This site is being used by kids how will you feel if your kid sees porn because he was on sealine?Do you want to tell me nobody has contacted Emps? Where does the "report" button go? I have now stopped pressing it as its purely a waste of my time as NOTHING is done.

If Emperor was contacted and nothing is done about it then I think its time to move on...

Psy wrote: TimJan wrote: So I see the spam is flowing freely and absolutely nothing is still being done. The spam threads are not even being deleted???

We cannot do anything
Emperor has to do it !!!!!



Lots and Lots of posts are gone / removed - not only when those left... Even some my stuff in 'collections" are gone, I think they changed servers ?? I cannot remember or that was the theory at the time, if you look at UA - it's really dead, 1 or 2 posts per day...