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 Posted: Fri Feb 15th, 2019 09:22 pm
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willem wikkel spies

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Houtarm wrote:
This problem is getting out of hand. It will be the downfall of Sealine if it continues unchecked. Admin PLEASE do something, even if just deleting the posts??? There are posts and usernames, eg Hongwei28, that have been reported many times and there is just no action taken???

Some of us still enjoy, support and contribute to Sealine on a regular basis, to me this lack of communication and action from admin is a slap in the face.



drink tog asb n chill pill.
kyk waar staan die tyd alweer.
terwyl jy in droom land is, is ons nog besig.

ek sal by emps hoor, watter powers ons nog kan kry.

sover kan ek net die treads delete.

ek niemand ban nieā€¦.wel nog nie..

kom ons kyk

as julle meer hengel en meer posts maak dan sal die posts onder aan die lys wees.

geniet die naweek!_seal1_