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 Posted: Mon Jan 7th, 2019 05:57 am
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The lures my pro mate catches lunkers on are almost a foot long (some longer).. haha Cost an absulute fortune those lures but they get him his fish..Big rats and rubber swimbaits..Match the hatch, in the mountains the 12inch trout gets em, in the urban settings the big rat nails them. "Our" pet bass in my neighbors dam is now over 4kg, caught him a few times, last time was a football jig and a 4in pitboss trailer with a big hook. Time before that was on a white bread deegee for a carp! Last week he/she robbed my mate of dinner when he had a decent plate sized kurper on the line and swallowed that guy one shot and snapped his light kurper line..
We've heard of big bass nailing swimming boomslangs and others..
Big bass will swallow anything that fits in his mouth, which is pretty much anything that makes a substantial meal..You gotta figure out where they will be and feeding on what generally and then use a bait that will exclude smaller fish and its game on, like with any other big fish. Werner @ eddles gas in retreat cape town stocked their new tank with bass when they opened, after a week 10 had become 1. There was also drama in the shops with little girls screaming as bass smashed other bass haha so the lunker got freed again and it is now stocked with much more well behaved kurper..You'd be surprised at what a big bass will eat.

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