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 Posted: Thu Jan 3rd, 2019 06:42 am
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Yman wrote:
Will get the pics up, the reels have worked, my estimates was about R200 to R300 if he is lucky.

What you said is what I kind of mentioned to him that its not going to sell overnight.
I think the sentimental value is sometimes more on stuff like this.

There was an beautiful Torium in the lot, don't think it saw an days work.

Thanks for the info

Sure, glad I did not upset you, see if they have worked and have scratches etc... not much I have bought some nice old ones on Bid or Buy, even here on Sealine back in the day... In any coastal city... PE / EL / Ape Town / Durbs etc.... loads of them around... But do me a favor do indeed try to get some pics... and we'll take it from there... cheers