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 Posted: Thu Jan 3rd, 2019 06:33 am
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Yman wrote:
Hi all.Friend of mine's is assisting his mother in law cleaning out some stuff after hubby passed away.there is some fishing reels and he asked if I can assist in finding value on the Penn reels I told him was not going to be much use.
I am not families with the Daiwa's

Here is the list, any assistance would be appreciated.Penn Super mariner 49 (x2)Penn Jigmaster 500 (x2)Daiwa Sealine 600H (x2)Daiwa Sealine 50H (x2)

OK... I Can assist, however it's difficult to judge and add some value to any reel without seeing it, I have an extensive Penn Collection from yesteryear... OK, Where do I start? Let me give you the heads up, I will be frank + straight to the point - most of these reels have little 2nd Hand / Used value, even from a collectors point of view, as the ones you have listed are found in each and every Pawn Shop / C/Crusdaders etc... unless they are in mint condition and have the original box, yes then you can add some value... 49 + 500s there's thousands upon thousands of them around, some collecting dust and sitting waiting for a buyer, as you can buy them 2 for the price of one type thing... So my estimate (without seeing them, the Penn reels) I will value at R 200 to R 400 (400 on a GOOD DAY!!!) - They are not unique at all... The Daiwa Sealine, again condition.... no scratches and bling - that's what collectors like - not really collectable at in the "Holy Grail"... you get the 300 / 600 / 900... people used them offshore = boat fishing.. not a die hard reel... they did not really 'stood the test of time' - as in the Old Penn Senators etc - hence I would not even class then near any Senator in that size.. Let me guess - remember now I have not seen them..... So, max R 350 to 450 (sterling condition with a box... different story of course)..... The other x 2 Daiwa... R 200 or so... Yip,,, sorry it is what it is... post pics, we might be able to judge them better... sorry not nasty at all......

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