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 Posted: Sun Jul 22nd, 2018 04:01 pm
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PRENEIL wrote:

I am sure you can't wait for that day, when your son says 'Dad lets go fishing'

I want to turn this around a bit as well. I am a grandfather and over 60 and is fortunate to be in the position to still take my son and grandson fishing. Let us as fathers and grandfathers not always wait for the younger ones to take us fishing. Turn it around and show them the love of the sport, although we are old not all of us grew up killing everything we caught. I tagged my first fish in 1986 already. Teach your children and grandchildren the correct ways and yes the will look after you when you are old. To me there is nothing as rewarding to teach someone and then to see the pleasure in the eyes of the angler if the do as told and catch a decent size fish.