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 Posted: Fri Jul 20th, 2018 06:14 pm
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Great Post,

I have always been in love with fishing since I was small, unfortunately my dad was not a fisherman, he prefers flying small planes regardless if i wanted to go fishing, he would get me a pick and pay combo fishing pack, take me to the venue and fetch me when i was done, i learnt to fish by myself, for my birthdays he would take me to the fishing store and let me choose my present, any holiday we went on he would make sure there is fishing available, he always supported me fishing! As i grew older there was less time for fishing but, i always told him we need to plan more trips together, we did a few small trips just fishing and was awesome, i taught him the basics and we would catch fish, priceless memories for me.
My dad travels all over Africa bundu bashing, so i would ask where he was going and start packing tackle for him, ,for his birthdays i only bought fishing tackle for him. i remember the one year he was going to Namibia for a month, so i packed my surf rod and reel for him, pre tied traces and gave him instruction on what to do, on that trip his friends who were pretty good anglers , he said he took the trace i tied put on a sardine and tried to cast it far he said it landed no further than 30 meters away from him, his friends were laughing.... no sooner his rod tip was pulled flat and landed a nice cob of 6 kgs, his friends were silent that was the only fish for this trip, as a reward he brought me back a nice cob fillet.
For his next trip to caprivi i bought him a nice tiger fish set up with all the basic lures, he caught plenty tigers his biggest being 5 kg, and i still have not caught a tiger fish in my life. Seem like he enjoys fishing now when he has the chance.
I am 30 years old now and have a 2 year old son, i cannot wait for the day he pulls in his own fish, i already bought him his rods and reels before he was born, i always catch him trying to get into my fishing room, once inside he stares at my photos on the wall and say Dada, Fish!
Cant wait for the day when he takes me!!!

Best regards Jonathan