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 Posted: Fri Jul 20th, 2018 05:34 pm
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Hi Guys

Recently I have moved from the KZN south coast to the Bluff with my wife and I miss fishing with my Dad.

My dad is quite a distance away from us and now and then I make the odd trip down just to spend some time fishing with my dad because that what makes him happy, fishing with his son.

In his younger days, he used to tell me stories in which they should walk long distances to rivers and dams and even to the beach just to fish. His famous story was stealing his fathers rod while sleeping on the beach with a nice crayfish tail as bait, casting and missing the fish, and as he left the rod his dad woke up, but instead of scolding him, tied another crayfish tail and let him try again, catching a Galjoen.

My dad never get to do much fishing after he got married and had to take care of us. Once I started going fishing with friends and other family members, I never thought of asking my dad once if he would like to go fishing, I kept thinking he would never go because he never went so I never asked.

But about 5 years now I have been taking my dad fishing during weekends and holidays, and every time I take him fishing, its not about how many fish we catch, its how we bond as father and son,When he does catch a fish, his words are always, as long as I caught one for you I am happy, now that I am far away,I still make time to visit him once a month just to go fishing with my dad and every time my mum says, your father asked if you going fishing.Yes fishing tackle is expensive, so when my dad loses my tackle or misplaces something or damages something, I do not rant and rave about it, I tell him its okay and don't worry

My father is 57 and I am 29 now and he still loves fishing, and I will still make time for him even when he is old and unable to fish, I will still take him.

How many of us still love their dads and still take them fishing? How many of you, if your dad loses any of your tackle, swear them? did you forget when you was a lytie, who took care of you?

The reason I am saying this is don't neglect your dad because he is old and your too big now, Make him happy, spend time with him, maybe that what he needs.

Oh and yes this weekend I will be doing some fishing with my dad at our favorite spot.
I will post some pics of the area and if we do get some fish.