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 Posted: Wed Jul 11th, 2018 12:02 am
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So.....It is about time we have a new discussion regarding the 2 rivals.
Since the BiG fights, back in the ice age a lot has changed

Honestly I do not think that there is much difference between the 2 reels.

They are really very close to each other.
So what will you choose, the shimano or the daiwa?

And, lets keep it Civil!!!

personally.... i think both are very good.
real good value for money on both reels.
after sales service is good on both.

honestly i think the Daiwa Saltist BG range is ahead in the market sales wise.
feedback on the reels are good and no common known problems.
the high gear ratio 6.4:1 and drag system might just be the deciding factor here.
the Black gold has a nice look to it, and also a tank like gearbox. "it just stands so proud" and the frame is a bit bulkier compared to the Torium.
the only down side/ possible is the free spool pin, which is quite big and could possible get stuck on clothing.

Basil Manning price R 3549-00

on the other hand

The Shimano Torium HG is a real compact reel.
when it is compared with the old Torium one would agrue that the reel is smaller.
it does look nice too.
the one aspect which also stood out was how lekka you could adjust the star drag, it just sat better in ones finger.
also known problems are not common...or are there any?
if i was to stand with rod in hand all day, i might just choose the torium over the Saltist.
the free spool lever is smaller.
Basil Manning R 2900-00

So lets get your views on the 2 rivals!!

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