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 Posted: Sun Mar 11th, 2018 11:25 pm
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I bought a bigger Rubber Duck after upgrading from my 4.2m Gemini.

I sold the Gemini but kept my motor and Controls as I had already paid a deposit on 2 more Johnsons of the same year.

The boat is a Aquarius 5.5m Cat hull Rubber Duck, the Hull is in need of some TLC but I only paid R10k with the for it and the pontoons don't leak at all.

I bought 2 1981 Johnson 60HP Motors from Durban Yamaha (thanx Malcom you're a champ)

I paid next to nothing for them with controls and having exactly the same motor at home gives me 3 complete running motors of the same year and model number.

I always knew that the motors would need work and I'm budgeting around 15k for the Refurb of the motors and Boat as all the labor will be done by me.

the plan is to get the boat running and seaworthy by December this year so there is no rush to get things done.

I made a list of the things that will have to be done

1. Strip motors and Gearboxes replace seals and impellers
2. open water passages in motor to remove and visible Salt deposits.
3. install new thermostats
4. Make up new Wiring harnesses for motors - the current wires insulation is crumbling off.
5. Sand and Paint motors, repair crack on Cowling.
6. Get Original Decal Kits for the 1981 Motors
7, Sand Hull and paint ( not exactly sure what paint yet) will be the same colour as motors the Johnson White.
8. Strip sand and paint control boxes then grease components before fitting.
9. Make new Seats and have them covered.
10. Install batteries and fuel tanks
11. Finish off with new fittings to hull Tow Eyes etc
12. Cut and replace some sections of the Trailer to get the Break neck working again.

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