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 Posted: Sun Aug 6th, 2017 05:19 pm
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@ Surfboy

Have never used a teaser, not that I can remember anyway
It's clear you are battling, and are now looking for a way to improve your results, here's my thoughts on that :

- By design bucktail jigs are simple yet effective
- You fish the desert and you won't get fish, guaranteed. I don't know if the area that you are fishing holds fish.
- Like mentioned in the article, play around with retrieve rate and the action of the lure (slow or fast whip)
- Buy yourself some SPRO or TINYJIG bucktail jigs, both are of exceptional quality, and try with them.

Just some more questions, what is your rod/reel/line combo that you are using ?
And where exactly are you fishing ?

As for colour, here is my preference :
- All white
- Yellow over White
- Yellow over Black
- Green over White
- Green over Black
- Purple over White
- Purple over Black

I'm not a fan of pink and the other bright colours, although I have used them in desperation at times

There are times that you will stand and throw lures for hours and not get a bump, this is fishing.

We've fished where there is no action for hours, and then at the turn of the tide the action starts.
If you fish a certain area long and hard enough you will learn what works and when it works, this is experienced gained the hard way

Speak to other anglers in that area, learn from them

Move around, and fish different tides. I can't stress that enough.
Pack light and take a walk (safety in numbers), a few throws and move, a few more and move
Swop lures every now and then

Hope this helps, and don't give up
It definately is a hard form of fishing, but once you get it right ...

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