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 Posted: Sat Aug 5th, 2017 09:47 pm
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flippy wrote:
i have to ask.. whats your take on using trolling lures when spinning from shore.. looks like a trolling lure used in bottom lure photo under the ondas?

interested in a lure but its trolling with a huge bib with spinning version not available.. how will you use so a lure if you do

We have been doing it for years.
The small bib lures are "new"
Notice the weighted triangle hook, that's to add weight for casting.

In the past we used to wrap lead around the nose of the "trolling lure" to add weight for casting
Lead was also wrapped around the triangle hooks back in the day

Just make sure it's a sandy area that you are fishing otherwise you will lose alot of lures

The deeper diving lures will hit the bottom if it's very shallow, or, a few turns of the reel ... stop and let it return to the surface ... repeat the process

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