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 Posted: Tue Apr 18th, 2017 11:19 am
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jayh wrote: Hi Guys,

I am 42 years old, and very inexperienced wrt getting out to back line. I have all the gear but lack confidence and experience.
Ushaka (the bay) is a good training ground but i stay close to the reef.

I have ventured out on calm days in open water but have no clue on to read open water. I have done Sheffield Beach x3, the last I got pounded by waves and have not returned.

Fear needs to be overcome with experience. Where do I start? Are there course in DBN?

GOAL : Venture out, take in sights, dive for crayfish and hopefully shoot something.

Some suggestions from my side,use them or don't use them :

1.Get fit - I have dived with many different divers and an unfit diver will have trouble and cause problems for the other divers.Spend time in the pool training.Are you fit enough to swim to the next sandy beach 1km...2km...5km should you get taken by the current?

2.Make sure your weight belt weight vs wetsuit are properly balanced.Rather be to bouyant than under bouyant.Test in a tidal pool with salt water rather than fresh water.

3.Dive with a buddy.

4.As Plugger said,use the currents to your advantage for getting out but also make sure you have a plan for coming in.Avoid rocky exits as a new diver.Watercraft is essential,being able to read the sea.

5.Most spearfishermen have very small group of friends that they will dive with and have dived with for years.It is generally not easy to get into one of these groups as the guys trust each other and have been on trips together and know each others strengths and limitations.

6.Boat diving - It also helps to have a skippers license if diving off a boat.Always be the first to volunteer for topping duty (bakkie boy) and help wash the boat afterwards and pay towards fuel or maintenance.Depending on how you help out,depends on if you get invited again.

There is lots more to learn and I am sure others will add.Some people might not agree with me but in general this is my outlook on spearfishing.

Hope this helps.