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 Posted: Tue Apr 4th, 2017 07:08 pm
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I've been lucky enough to be invited to spend 2 weeks in Mozambique's Bazaruto area. We are staying at a private house within the San Sebastian Coastal Reserve Unfortunately I do not know the exact location but from lots of studying maps and pics of the house it looks like it will be somewhere between Dugong Beach Lodge and the "tip" of the mainland, Eastern side of the seaboard.

My 1st trip is scheduled for Mid-September along with the owner of the house to show me the in's and outs and then he has also offered us to use the house in January again for another 2 plenty of time to fish.

He has a boat with a skipper so getting around is no problem and will present us with multiple facets.

My headache is what tackle to take with, driving up so weight limits and space not too much of an issue.

I've covered the light tackle stuff with 2500 and 4k Stradics with rods from 7ft to 10ft. 8 to 20 lb braid on multiple spools. Im also taking my 9 weight

I'm not really one for trolling, I get horribly sea sick and prefer standing up and throwing spoons and poppers. The owner of the boat also has us covered with TLDs and Tiagras.

Now for the med and heavy setups I need some advice, I'm going to concentrate on surface lures and maybe med and light jigs.

Med, 8000 Saragossa or 10 000 with 50lb braid? Shimano Trevala 7ft

Heavy, Do I go Saragossa 10 000 with 80 lb braid or do I need a 20 000 with 100lb?
My heavy stick will most probably be something like a Shimano Kaibutsu or xxh exage 8ft. Would love something a bit more exotic but these two trips might be the only popping trips I do in years. Having said that I want to stand a chance of landing a big GT if i hook one.

What size poppers should I go with?

I also want to do some fishing for non eds and Gts from the beach, taking my 14 ft Beastmaster and Multiplier with 300m of 0.55 and 500m of 50lb backing for sliding.

Any ideas, advice, tips?

Cheers Ant