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 Posted: Fri Mar 10th, 2017 11:56 am
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Dr halibut hoffman wrote:
Using it for plugs, the 1mm, I think, for the smaller ones and 1.6, I think, for the bigger ones.. Not wrapping but looping the wire back on itself and casting it in lead. Haven't pulled a wire yet with drag on lock down and big fish, but have pulled wires on commercial plugs so strong enough a finish for purpose.
Doc, i've got to ask how you came to make the back eye with the lead? - i've got admit this is the first time i've heard about this method-the closest i've seen to it is crimping the wires.How much lead do you use?- Is it a pre determined weight to assist with the shifting of the centre of gravity of the lure ie to lift the nose, or is the amount so small that it doesn't affect the balance? Have you got any pics of the process?