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 Posted: Fri Nov 18th, 2016 02:19 pm
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Psy wrote: Pylstert wrote:
LOL not me seems like most of them have left the building a long time ago, seems like it went pretty much unnoticed

not really un-noticed!

Simen, & Trophy are gone, sometimes see Bennie around, thats about it!!


I was totally oblivious to it, I was searching around on the internet one day and discovered the new website of Simen LOL didn't even know him and the other mods left, shows how much attention I pay :fbash.  Any case Im not registering on new websites any more, I am totally allergic to having to add your name and password to see the photos on a website so I didn't bother to register, neither on any of the other Sealine spin off websites, as I doubt I will post anything either.