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 Posted: Wed Nov 2nd, 2016 11:35 am
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Make no mistake it is a wreck fish let's be clear of that.The ridge in line with the eye lateral to the spine on the gill plate says to me it is a wreck fish(polyprion) but the sub spiesie. Defnatly not a americanus.More likely to be a oxygeneios, but I think we have a spiesie here unique to our waters.As soon as Dr Clive Roberts is back at work he will check up for me.From there I'll take it futer and send a sample to our marine museum in gramstown as asked by him.For the moment all of this spiesie is released by method shown to me by Dr Bruce Man.I did give ORI 3 live fish yesterday from the depth of 500 m which I could not identified ,they said the condition of the samples was in a very good condition.I will atemt to catch the bluenose and wreck fish alive ,my boat is rigged for it.It just takes a long time to lift them.