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 Posted: Sat Oct 29th, 2016 09:45 pm
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Thanks By catch.I agree with line 10 my spesimen is a wreck fish(polyprion) But witch one.Because iv caught both on one day I release the americanus. I took this one to be identified because personally I Dont think its the oxygeneios. Look at your PIC and mine ..Line 15 say that it indicates to a oxygeneios but the report say you Dont find them in sa but fish base say you do.If the author was of oppinion that you do find them here,the report would have identified it as a oxygeneios. Line17 is the one I believe is what we have here.Iv sent the report to Oxford and to Australian Mirene museum. Australia refers me to Dr Clive Robert from the New Zealand Mirene Museum.They say he can read the genetic finger print and is the best in the field of polyprion. Its not to run loops around the law.I can see the pics and I'm not colour blind.The pics Dont match.Sorry but I have to know

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