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 Posted: Fri Feb 5th, 2016 08:58 pm
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Cam Mundy

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blaasoppie#1 wrote: Excellent, thanks Cam.

For some reason or other my inbox has not worked for the past year or so. I sent you an email ; please confirm if received.




Nothing so far but it wasn't a big secret anyway just wanted to give you Nicks personal Email address, Ocean active is busy restructuring there website tackle shop and charter business so its more than possible you fell through the gaps drop a mail to nick"at" if you dont come right mail me at camo.mundy"at" and I'll send you his telephone number. Dub ai is a lot of fun on light tackle and fly the main target is the queen fish but if you are patient and spend the time looking around the Golden Trevally are boss. The next best thing is blasting around the sea in a 32 foot center console with 400 horses hanging on the rear.