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 Posted: Tue Jan 5th, 2016 08:35 pm
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Right, after 2 years I finally have my 3 piece blue marlin in 3 different sections again.

I tried hot water first.........this is a stupid idea as it melted the resin near the eyes.

Secondly I tried the block method go ended up scratching the rod. This rod was toight! (Austin powers and fashure.)

Then I taped a deap sea gaff to one end and pulled.....ended up straitening the solid stainless steel hook.

By now I am stuffing up a lot of my equipment and the rod is starting to look like SH1T.(Only used once.)

Then today I asked the guys at Trophy tackle den were I bought the rod. I should have done this first and saved myself 2 yrs of pain.

Thanks guys the tip worked like a bomb and I pulled the pieces apart with my bear hands and absolutely no effort.

The solution: Ice, ice baby, just wrap in ice and leave for ten minutes.