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 Posted: Tue Nov 4th, 2014 03:10 pm
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Cuban Cigar

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Hi Arno and Strepie !
I don't expect anyone to allow me to put something in their reels, that I'm not willing to put into my own reels.

I have found that when fitting a neat professional aftermarket magbrake, you actually add to the second hand value of that reel and apart from the performance benefits, you also show some respect for the money spent.

Unfortunately not all of us feel that way and I was horrified to see the "magbrake" below, that cost an angler, a lot of good money !
A friend of his, contacted me, as he was still struggling to cast without overwinds after having it fitted and when he had another hiccup with the reel during a comp and they opened it up - this is what they found - horror of all horrors !

He also had no adjustibility to speak of, as the space on this "plate" was way to confined.

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