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 Posted: Mon Oct 27th, 2014 05:18 pm
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Here is some serious views after last night and only one guy replied. Please I need all your insets if we are going to let this work. Any info would help. Something in the line of 'I found that rigging the day old through the spine that the bait slips down to the rounding of the hook and that my hooks isn't that great with this method'. Or 'it doesn't work for me, never had any success with it'. We can then try to figure out why?

Ps: the format I'm looking at as the end product must be something in the line of:
Bait: Day old chicks
Best time of year to use: Spring (bird breading season) and right through the year.
Best conditions and places to use: warm weather and/or shotly after storms and associated flooding, close to reeds, close to overhanging bird nests, near or under bridges and close to water birds rendezvous.
Rig name: The Spine buster
Method: hook through spine out the back (this is where the description on how to make the rig etc etc comes with the media like photos, illustrations and vide)
Gear: general hook sizes and line strengths, hook link lengths etc etc
Pro's: very easy to rig. Baits is freely available etc
Con's: tends to slip down the hook to the rounding of the hook making the hookup percentage drop.
Comments: Puncture the stomach to release ekstra juices if the tempo picks up to keep the Cats interested in your baiting area.

Something in this line???