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 Posted: Sat Aug 2nd, 2014 11:35 pm
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The next size up is the 60/100/430, THREE PIECE.

There is a noticeable difference in weight, as there is two heavy duty spigots inserted in the joints, adding a bit of weight to the mid and tip.

The single piece on the other hand is as light as a feather.
The action is also changed by the spigots. Making the three piece appear to have a faster action than the single piece.

Casting the three piece is a breeze!
The rod loads positively and there is no feeling of overloading.
I loaded it with a 7oz sinker and a whole pilchard or trimmed mullet.
The distance achieved was more than acceptable and you could safely keep up or most likely out do the other big name rods.

My opinion is that this rods is definitely for the larger edibles, spotted gully's, smooth hound. You get the picture!

There is plenty of pulling power to bully that cracker from reaching the razor sharp reef, or turning the rudder on a smooth hound.

The final stand off is the unfortunately the cost.
From what I am told they are one of the most expensive blanks on the market.

They are definitely worth looking at.