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 Posted: Sat Aug 2nd, 2014 11:01 pm
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Just to get back to the super slims.

The first one I got was a 40/100/400, THREE PIECE
The one piece and three piece curve in the blank is greatly changed by the joints.
It is a personal preference whether you like the softer action of the single piece or the faster action of the three piece.
The rod throws a 4oz to 5oz.
I have loaded it with a 5oz and a whole pillie, and still confidently got the distance.

What stood out for me, was the way the rod re-acted to a fish fighting.
It has a fighting curve that makes you think you starting to loose control, and then the blank comes into action.
The curve is actually applying pressure and with in seconds you have control again.

I estimate it is good for smaller edibles up to 10kg.
A size 16 or 20 reel will fit nicely with the light line.

It makes a great scratching rod especially if you need to scratch around a formation that is 120m out.