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 Posted: Tue Mar 18th, 2014 05:52 pm
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Enigma / Others who might be wondering about the benefits:

Recent KR Concept Build was on a 9' Pioneer .25oz -1.5oz rod. (blank very similar to Berkley Air)

As bought, it was fitted with Stainless Steel insert guides much like on the Berkley Air series in a NGC layout.

.25oz was a joke as nothing could be felt; 1.5oz pretty good.
Max distance achieved with Shimano Symetre 4000 and 12lb Berkley Nanofil 75m with 1.5oz

Rebuilt using Fuji KL-H and KT Guides:
KL25H to KL12H to KL8M thereafter 8 KT8's to a MN8 tip for 11 guides and a tip.

All guides fitted with Alconite inserts and SS frames; no exotic Titanium and SIC....

Same reel, same line, same weight, same caster: 75m was done with a one-handed flick, 110m was easy peasy, 120m took some effort and good timing. Suddenly the lighter weights were also going further too - 1oz chisel nose was going about 105m. All distances MEASURED, not guessed or calculated by counting turns of a reel handle.

Rod was eerily quiet on the cast, much more powerful in its ability to pull and felt lighter in the hand.