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 Posted: Mon Mar 17th, 2014 11:52 pm
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New guide concept is a concept with choking mechanism and same running guides.

Cone of flight concept is a concept with no choking mechanism, you will not see the same size used twice.

There is a 3rd 1 called modified NGC or modified COF, 2 choking exists and you've different running guides. Fuji classify this as NGC in their catalogue, but the older rodbuilding forums calls it otherwise.

COF best for mono. The other 2 is more for braid, if use it on mono it melts at the stripper guide or the breaking strain of mainline exceeds and snaps.

On the same reel, same 14ft rod the concept looks something like this.

1. 16-16-20-25-30-40 or 50

2. 12-10-10-10-16-20-30H

3. 8-8-8-10-10-12-16-20-30H where 16 is the choking guide, 8/10/12 behave as running guide but is shrinking the line even further.

COF is the oldest and compatible with both fixed spool and multiplier. Century fishing rods are factory built with this. NGC came about due to the need to reduce tip weight and has sinced evolved. Your setup is a K-series NGC concept.

From Fuji catalogue:

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