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 Posted: Thu Jan 9th, 2014 05:32 am
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Sorry modes delete if you wish- I have had dealings with 3 companys in SA and all 3 have taken our money and run or supplied products we did not order- this is a concern as I would have thought things would be tight and companys would be bending over backwards for sales and customer service- I understand there are issues with freight from SA but its got to the point were people are talking about this and are not wanting to deal with SA- I think some people should not be in business- the lies, dishonesty,no contact- its rubbish- As a business owner I could and would not operate like this as I would go bust very quick(as a couple have already in SA)... its a shame as you guys have some very good products and they would do well - just some of the people representing them is the let down... I have spoken to a couple of other company's and the world and they are saying the same thing - why bother -