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 Posted: Thu Jul 18th, 2013 02:31 pm
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Murry park a you saw it on google earth is fed by 6 other dams flowing into each other it concists of a small stream / river running down into the sappi dam and from there it runs into the blesbok spruit area food for them well......we saw a barbel swallow a whole (bleshoender) alive from the side where we wher fishing i can promise you the dam has NEVER been netted as we locals tend to chase away the unwanted sources because that is our passion to fish there the deepest point in that dam is 28 foot there are alot of reeds in the sides with abundance of lully pads for the bass and barbel.

some of the locals cuun boys catch them from the side with rod and reel but hardly get them out as they tend to break tge lines.

you are more than welcome to join me any time there as i am only a stone throw away from the dam i dfish the dam atleast 2 a week for bass and barbel and that has been going on for the past 6 years and had the very best of luck by my side.