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 Posted: Thu Jul 18th, 2013 01:32 pm
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Hi Tjopsie

You have me very intrigued , Ive tried to find some more info on the Alexandra Dam and from what I can find it is officially closed ?

My other concern is that it is a very small piece of water in a highly populated area , I looked at it on google earth

Looking at the map there dont appear to be any rivers that flow into/out of the dam , so it looks like a closed system. It is a tiny dam compared to Vaal,Bloemhof,Roodeplaat,Bronkies etc

Is the dam being netted? this is usually the 1st thing that happens at a negletted water as a source of food and income .

I would be very surprized if this dam even holds a 15KG fish , it just doesnt look fit size,area wise , isnt being fed by another large source of water etc along with the other factors that Ive mentioned .A good source of food is another obstacle , what are the monsters feeding on?

Im not here to fight , just to debate : ) I would love to hear your thoughts and anyone else that has some input

Kind regards anthony

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